Ground Support

Our luxury ground handling services is available in airports all over Egypt. E.J.A can provide flight support services at your favored FBO. All you have to do is to contact us through the link below for a personalized solution.

Also, we can arrange your required catering through the Egyptian five-star hotels and restaurants. Moreover, we can get your catering delivered to your aircraft just before your departure so you can enjoy the lovely high-quality meals on-board. We value how vital ground handling services are essential to our customers.

Therefore, safety comes first. It is our obligation to ensure that everything is documented as regulated. Also, we continue to train our staff for the ramp safety and the emergency situations. Our duty is to provide premium services with a maximum level of safety.


Hotel Booking

EJA proposals VIP hotel bookings for the most deluxe locations around the Egypt. Our incomparable concierge experts will assure your complete satisfaction.

CREW, VIP Airport Transfers

With 24/7 available services, EJA proudly offers comfortable airport transfers with our qualified and well-mannered chauffeur services. Our quality is an esteemed standard worldwide.

Meet & Assist

EJA offers an entirely assisted VIP option for all airport over Egypt our service includes immigration, customs, and passport control.

Visa Assistance

EJA can provide you immigration services around the Egypt.

VIP Security

EJA offers VIP security services in Egypt. We assure you protection from trustworthy security agencies.



With over 30th years of experience providing fuel services in all the Egyptian airports including Military and civilian airports. Our fuel services include:-

          *We provide 24/7 operational and fuel pricing support.

          *We are a supplier for a varied range of operators.

          *We preserve great partnerships with our suppliers.

          *The skilled staff of experienced specialists on hand to offer personalized solutions to meet your particular needs.

Trip Planning

24/7 Operation

Our Operation team is always ready content to help you anytime.


We are proud to offer you a complete flight planning:

* Weather Charts

*Runway Analysis

*Route Validation

*ATC Filing

* Flight Plans

*Weather and NOTAMS

*Approach Plates

*Trip Kit

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