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adelMessage from the CEO:

In my role as President and Chief Executive Officer of Egypt jet aviation, I am honored to be a part of an institution that not only cares about profit; it cares about growing its name and reputation. Our commitment to our companies is to exceed their expectations by providing world-class service in a progressive, compassionate care environment.

In this changing and challenging business environment, many aviation companies are looking for a simpler and more efficient way to run their business. Our website is an extension of our mission to meet your flight needs, and I hope you will find it beneficial and informational as you expand your knowledge of Egypt jet aviation. To reflect the ever-changing airline handling environment, the interactive and educational information you will find on our site is continually updated. It’ll be our honor if you be one of our valued clients, where you’ll conclude that our mission is to provide your organization with the most efficient ways to reach your objectives.

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Adel M. Roushdy


Company Profile

Egypt Jet Aviation (EJA) was established at Cairo Airpor in 1987. EJA has over 29 years of experience in providing FBO all over Egypt airports. With over than 60 skilled employees and 24/7 operation enabled us to provide our clients ith the up to date information.

EJA offers a variety of services that cover the Fixed-Based Operator (FBO) services. Starting from receiving your request at our operation team followed by getting the required permissions. Then ground handling, Air fueling, trip scheduling and much more.

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Our aim is to provide our clients with world-class services. Therefore we can compete in the market. For that, we believe the only way to do that is by investing in our employees as they are the asset of our company. We believe that the continuing process of improving and training our staff has a direct impact on providing the greatest services to our customers.

EJA challenges to continue to develop and improve the provided services, using the up to date technology and training programs to be able to exceed our client's expectations.



We make every effort to be the leading Egyptian provider of flight support offering the only premium aviation services to our valued customers. With our history in providing handling services all over the Egyptian airports ( Military and civilian), along with the well-trained staff 24/7, give us the opportunity to provide the best services, the fastest services yet with competitive prices.

EJA aims to be your first premium service provider in Egypt .


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